Nowadays, a lot of homeowners are paying a lot of money for energy bills. This explains why some are now shifting to alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar. The following are tips to help you save energy in different rooms of your home.

Living Room

Ideally, this is the place where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it makes sense to get savvy as far as energy saving is concerned. In fact, small changes can make a huge difference, and you can easily notice the benefits. It is advisable to switch up the incandescent light bulbs for the LED lights that are more energy efficient. Always turn them off whenever they are not required.

Also, thermally-lined curtains help keep the draft out and heating bills down by trapping the heat. If you opt for blinds instead, look for the blinds that are made of heavier material to keep the draft away. In addition, this can help you keep the light out. This will make the perfect environment for you and your family.

If you want to warm your home, then you should get an efficient gas central heating system instead of an electric heater. Also, if you are connected to the national gas grid, you should find alternative fuel options.


You need to pack your kitchen with appliances that can help lower your bills. In this case, there are a few quick-wins that you can achieve by making a few minor changes. If you love coffee, you should get an efficient kettle that can boil it whenever you want it. You can save a lot of water if you start using a dishwasher than washing by hand.


The truth is that the bathroom is the outlet for water wastage. Therefore, you should follow some tips to avoid bathroom blunders. Most people leave the tap to run when brushing teeth. This results in wastage of gallons of water. You can kick out this habit by monitoring the amount of water you are using. Ideally, a household toilet is flushed five times a day on average. This means that about 25 gallons of water are used a day. By changing the standard WC for a low flush basin, you can save a lot of water daily.


When you want to retire to the bedroom, you need to be aware of the energy consumption and stay energy-efficient with a few changes. For good sleep, ensure your room is cool, but your bed is warm.