Why Homeowners Love Oak Floors

A majority of homeowners usually choose oak flooring whenever they are designing their new home or just renovating. Given the numerous other options available, that speaks a lot about how good oak flooring is. The only concern that you might have is quality. For that, you should ensure that you hire only experienced experts to handle all your flooring needs. Some of the top reasons homeowners love Oak Floors Melbourne are highlighted below.


Oak floors offer great aesthetics to any home. For starters, they come in a variety of colors, ranging from red or brown to light beige. That is because oak usually darkens over time. Oak wood can also be stained easily, increasing the range of colors from which homeowners can choose. Other things that make oak flooring aesthetically pleasing include density and the unique grain of the wood.


Oak is considered among the best hardwood to use for flooring because of how exceptionally durable it is. It is resistant to wear and tear, which means that it can be suitable even for places with high traffic within the home. Oak is also quite resistant to permeation of most liquids, which means it can be used for bathroom and kitchen flooring as well. High durability means that you end up spending less money in the long-run than other options, as you will not have to renovate the flooring often.

Easy Maintenance

Another top reason why homeowners choose to invest in oak flooring is because of easier maintenance. You do not have to spend too much time working on the floors to maintain their luster. To prevent scuffs and scratches from furniture, which might result in costly repairs, you should consider using felt-bottomed castor cups and furniture pads. Other than that, you only need to use a dust mop regularly to keep the floor clean.timber floor


A majority of homeowners nowadays do their best to reduce their carbon footprint for the benefit of the planet. One of the ways to do so is by installing oak flooring. Oak flooring makes use of a natural material that does not emit any harmful chemicals or gases. For those who worry that oak flooring leads to deforestation, that is not the case as most manufacturers work tirelessly to sustain their oak sources. They do so by replanting a lot more trees than what they harvest, ensuring that there will be a lot more to harvest in the future. There are also laws and regulations, which govern the harvesting of trees.

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