Guide When Choosing 4G Wireless Security Cameras

Gone are the days when security cameras were only installed in cities, town centers, or anywhere where the internet is accessible. With 4G cameras, which are also called 4G LTE security cameras, even the remotest ranch can be installed with this monitoring device. Because it is detachable, you can even bring the camera when you go camping outdoors.

Indeed, security cameras have come a long way since the first surveillance camera was used by the Germans during the Second World War. Nowadays, people who are in search of these devices have more options to choose from. They can select from wired or wireless, fixed or mobile, or other aspects like range and movement sensors.

Solar or Battery-Powered

camera When choosing the former, you have to buy a solar panel, although there are some brands that have solar panels with them. Battery-powered wireless security cameras require you to recharge the batteries whenever it is out of power. Some batteries can last for as long as six months, so you are free of the burden of charging them frequently. With 4G wireless security cameras, you are assured that you are using more environment-friendly and hassle-free cameras than their wired counterparts.

Notification upon Motion Detection

Most of the time, security cameras are installed in homes, but no one is actually watching the monitor all the time. This makes a motion detector crucial. It gives notification upon the detection of movement, which should alarm you to check your monitor or your mobile. Although there may be some false alarms, adjusting your motion detector may get rid of these false alarms.

Cellular Reception

Signal reception of your mobile phone should not be gauge of the ability of security cameras to receive cellular signals. While your mobile may work with the signal, the 4G security camera may not. It is best to know which cellular carrier has a strong signal in your area.

Night Vision

Criminals are more comfortable doing their thing in the middle of the night. To add to your peace of mind while you are sleeping, a wireless security camera with a superior night vision is recommended. Some brands have outstanding night vision functions which will help you to recognize the culprit and the plate number of a vehicle he used.



Wireless security cameras can cost you more than wired cameras. But considering that you will not be spending on wires and installation charges, the difference of prices may not be that much. You will also be saving on electricity in the long run.

Brands of wireless security cameras may also differ, and that is because of the unique features that they have. The best thing to do is seek the opinion of trusted sites like SafeNow, where they have experts to attend to you.

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