Tips for Finding the Right Shipping Container

If you are planning to build a home by using a shipping container, then you need to know how to choose the best shipping container. Remember that the shipping container forms the backbone of your walls, roof, floor, and entire structural support. Although containers are interchangeable and strong, they do work. The condition and quality of New Jersey storage containers are important.

For the given type of container and size, you can have differences in performance, cost, and aesthetics. Also, you need to pay attention to the pros and cons of each container. Make sure you only purchase containers that have been inspected.


The cost of shipping containers varies depending on the age, type, condition, and location. Fortunately, you can get estimates that can offer you an idea of the cost. Remember that used containers are cheaper than new containers. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice quality and longevity for a lower cost.

Type of Container

storage containerAlthough many people are used to new and used containers, there are other containers available in intermediate grades and conditions. The classification of storage and shipping containers is based on CSC certification. Remember that the grades and conditions of the container lean towards aesthetics as opposed to structural integrity. These are the common types of shipping containers you will come across.

New Containers

You can find shipping containers that are new, refurbished, and one-trip. These are generally considered to be new. Buying a refurbished container is a tricky process because there are no accepted standards. Before you buy one, make sure you have a report that shows the steps taken to refurbish it.

Used Containers

When it comes to used containers, you can find everything from barely used to old containers. Like any product, a shipping container has a life cycle. It does not matter whether it has not experienced a lot of damage, it can undergo wear and tear. As a result, continued use of the container can be counterintuitive. The average life cycle of a shipping container is 18 years.

Cargo Worthy Container

This is a performance standard that is based on the capabilities of a storage or shipping container as opposed to aesthetics. Although the container might have cosmetic challenges, it is likely to perform as a new container. If you are likely to ship your container again in the future, you should consider getting a cargo-worthy container. However, exterior modifications, such as window cuts can invalidate this certification.

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