bunk beds for kids

Tips When Shopping for Bunk Beds

It is estimated that hundreds of kids are hospitalized because of bunk bed injuries. This is because such beds have been poorly assembled. The following are things to keep in mind when shopping for a bunk bed.

Safety Checklist

bunk bedsWhen purchasing a mattress for the upper bed, you need to check the maximum height requirement for the mattress. This is because the upper mattress will compromise the efficacy of the safety barrier. The appropriate age for a child to use the upper bunk bed is 9 years old. When you assemble the bed, you need to ensure that the guardrails are secure and have appropriate spacing.

The structure of the bunk bed ought to carry the weight of an adult and a child. Also, you need to carry out regular checks on connection points to avoid the bed collapsing. Gaps that are larger than 230 mm can be a risk to little bodies. For instance, the ladder should have less than 400 mm openings. Ensure the room is safe. No curtains or blinds should be near the bed. Also, the ceiling fans should not be reached from the bed. Make use of the ladder to get to the top.

Different Types of Beds Available

When you are doing research, you will come across different types of bunk beds. These include a double sleeping area and trundles. The loft designs should fit a desk underneath. Some of the designs include a sleeping space that is ideal for friends. Other than the different benefits of each design, your final choice may depend on the space available and how the room can function.

Buying Online

modern bunk bedsAfter doing your homework and you are sure this is the best type of bunk bed you want, you can buy it in-store or at a bed store of your choice. The good thing about online shopping is the convenience it offers. If you are going to purchase online, you should follow these steps to ensure you get whatever you want.

You need to take the right measurements of the space the bed can fit into. Also, you need to determine the functionalities and features that are needed. Based on the above, you should choose the style of bunk bed that can suit your needs. It is a good idea to purchase a bunk bed from a reputable retailer with a return policy and a warranty. Also, read reviews of the past customers before buying.…